please help me

I need a point of IPv4 addresses to domain name of the host. can you tell me the ipv4 addresses of hosts are not infinityfree

Well, I can’t really tell you since I don’t know which account is yours. However, it’s pretty easy to find it out yourself using a DNS lookup tool. If you’re on OS X or Linux, the dig command is available to do that. However, you can just use a web based tool as well. I quite like the one provided by Google Apps myself: Dig (DNS lookup)

Simply enter your domain in the left field, ns1.freecluster.euin the right, hit enter and the IP address will be highlighted.

I tried but could not find anything related to the IP address of the domain name to point infinityfree

why when I point to infinity free domain name is again being diverted into xvhost.

InfinityFree websites are hosted on hundreds of different IP addresses, and only one of those will respond with your website.

You can easily find out which IP corresponds to your account using a DNS lookup tool like Dig (DNS lookup)

Simply enter your own domain in the field on the left and enter in the field on the right. You shouldn’t point your own domain to the IP address, because the main website is hosted on a separate server.