Please help me!

I am making a forum(for server samp) at xenforo. I liked the suspension of the account for the blocked word “faucet” in the files. I was told to rename it but … most likely xenforo and I can’t find the file with the ending “…_ fa.less.php” What to do is the only good hosting I know. And I can’t find another. What to do?

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From what I know Samp is game server like the ones for Counter Strike. However in-the game there is actually gambling with faucet’s which is therefore the reason the word itself is banned. I think the fix is that in the programming itself he doesn’t have to use the word faucet. He can just cross-reference it or upload jpeg photo. This is indeed useful for stopping the spread of malicious website on this host.

ok. How fix that?

Well, or how to move completely to another hosting with a database, and so on





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