Please help me php seclector

I need Ioncube loader but cpanel not show php seclector please help me infinity team this message showing me
Fatal error : The file /home/vol18_1/ encoded as type [1/81] cannot be decoded by this version of the ionCube Loader. in Unknown on line 0

Hello, Free Hosting only Supports PHP 7.4, so the PHP Selector no showing is normal

However, there is one server running php 8.1 with missing extensions


Also, looking at the error, your plugin seems like it needs a newer ionCube Loader, which isn’t available on free hosting yet (there is an old ionCube on free hosting’s PHP 7.4), but I think after the PHP version upgrade rolls out it’ll be available. If you don’t want to wait please consider upgrading to Premium Hosting as it has the latest ionCube Loader as well, over to having more features.


it is possible to install manual

ioncube loader

Also, I’m sad to say you can’t install the latest ionCube Loader on free hosting. So you’re only left with two options: wait for the PHP 8.1 upgrade or upgrade to Premium Hosting if you have the money.


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