Please help lost admin and dashboard privilege due to ssl insecure content fixer

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Hello. I am the creator and admin of hosted on recently I installed a plugin called ssl insecure content fixer in the plugins section, because my homepage was popping up as insecure, while the rest of my site was secured by my ssl certificate. I was hoping it would be a fix. After installing and activating the plugin, my homepage was still insecure. When I saw this, I went into the plugin settings and increased the security level from simple to the next level. This disrupted the layout of my website and now I cannot access dashboard or admin options from my homepage like before. Please help me fix this as I spent alot of time adding content to my site, and would like to restore it to its previous state. Respond with any help asap thanks.

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Welcome! Please perform the following:

Delete the plugin folder from the file manager, in wp-content > plugins. Also, don’t create multiple topics!



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What error ??

I checked your site, and It seems that your website URL has been set to That should have been just, so now all links on your site are broken.

Please see this guide from WordPress on how to fix your website URL:

For managing SSL on a WordPress site, we typically see better results with Really Simple SSL, so you may want to try that plugin instead. Insecure Content Fixing may not work properly on our hosting, but it’s generally not necessary if your website is configured correctly.


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