PLEASE HELP, forum terminated after using xenforo

after using xenforo my forum always get terminated, any solution?

code of file that my forum got terminated:

<?php $dir = __DIR__; require ($dir . '/src/XF.php'); XF::start($dir); $app = XF::setupApp('XF\Pub\App', [ 'preLoad' => ['masterStyleModifiedDate', 'smilieSprites'] ]); $request = $app->request(); $input = $request->filter([ 'css' => 'str', 's' => 'uint', 'l' => 'uint', 'k' => 'str' ]); $cssWriter = $app->cssWriter(); $showDebugOutput = (\XF::$debugMode && $request->get('_debug')); if (!$showDebugOutput && $cssWriter->canSend304($request)) { $cssWriter->get304Response()->send($request); } else { $css = $input['css'] ? explode(',', $input['css']) : []; $response = $cssWriter->run($css, $input['s'], $input['l'], $input['k']); if ($showDebugOutput) { $response->contentType('text/html', 'utf-8'); $response->body($app->debugger()->getDebugPageHtml($app)); } $response->send($request); }

So you’ve bought Xenforo, huh?


Another great forum is discourse. It’s the same one InfinityFree uses. Try using that if you’re willing

That’s impossible to install on free hosting. It requires VPS.


Oh yeah you’re right nvm

Softaculous has a wide selection of completely free forum suites available. Please use those instead of trying to run a $160 software suite on free hosting.

If you can afford to spend that on a website, I would get a refund from XenForo and just pay for premium hosting instead. You’ll have a much better and faster website that way.

And if you didn’t, please remember that pirated software is illegal and we don’t allow it under any circumstances.


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