Please Help (Flarum)

I Really Need Flarum For My Wordpress Website
I Chose Flarum Because Discourse Is Hard To Install Please Help On How To Install Flarum On My Wordpress Site
Help? Anyone @Admin Please Help As You Have Experience Installing Forums.

The forum extension. Right? If you’ve the file. Unzip it then paste into the plugins folder. Then go to your dashboard and activate it

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Oh… Thanks

@anon19508339 Also Which Forum Extension Where Do I Download It?
In Wordpress When I Search There’s No Flarum,
Or You Mean The One That Flarum Posted On GitHub?

Yes you should download it from.

Wait. It’s not WordPress plugin

So Wordpress Flarum Forum Is Not Possible… :confused::confused:

You should upload it in new folder named forum. Ppl will need to register to it

In The File Manager Where’s The Folder, Searched And Not Finding It :frowning_face:

I mean you create it and then upload your forum xD

Hahahah I Didn’t Know The Meaning Of Ppl :rofl:

i’ve no idea :confused:

ppl means people

Sorry I’m Not From English Countries.

The first thing to note is that, like @anon19508339 already found out, Flarum is standalone forum software. Flarum is not something you can install “in WordPress” because there is not relation with WordPress. If you want a forum integrated in WordPress, BuddyPress used to be the way to go, but I don’t know whether it’s still popular these days.

Also, I wouldn’t call Discourse hard to install, but simply impossible to install on any web hosting service. Flarum, on the other hand, is what I would consider hard to install.

That is because Flarum requires Composer to install, and running Composer on free hosting is not possible.

So to install Flarum, I would install Composer on my own computer first, then use Composer to create a new Flarum site locally. Then, you can upload the contents of the generated Flarum site to your hosting account.


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