Please guide me

My site nemsal is in Iran
Do you think hosting is better in Iran or abroad?
please guide me

Honestly I don’t understand your question, you mean Iranian host is better or abroad one?

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Hosting is better in Iran or abroad? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: It’s depends on your host. If your host is local or it is localhost :rofl: then you will get fastest speed if your pc is fast. If your clients are foreigner, then u can use a premium host who can provide faster speed. As far as I know, Iran or my country Bangladesh or such, there are good hosting companies but most of them doesn’t give best performance when it comes to net speed.

If your are not dealing with thousands of people everyday, then you can use Iranian hosting. It seems like your website is one sided and provides information and the client is only just a visitor and nothing more. SO u can use any host. In fact you can get best advantages from infinity free without any cash. But if your traffic is more, you can switch to premium,.
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  1. Not only a speed, In an Iranian hosting that I was hosting my site there (and they suspended it for no reason???) their cheapest premium plan was 20$ per month. Almost no premium feature, had unlimited bandwidth/space with 20,000 inodes limit.

Looking at his site, he can host his site in Iranian hosting. Because it’s for local people only.

And please do not post on a topic that’s quite old and it’s OP doesn’t respond to us.

You’re late to the party for about 2 months.

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