Please delete my account infinity free!

please admin infinity free, delete my account, tried in several ways and I can not delete it, I need it deleted as soon as possible, I have a redirect and my current site is getting the information from the old site (the site is already excluded !)

Please see this article for general information about account deletion:

And please check your client area (Accounts list → your account → Account Settings) to see what you can still do.

Please note that accounts cannot be deleted immediately under any circumstances. We have legal obligations to keep records of all accounts for a while.

However, I don’t fully understand why you need this account to be deleted so urgently. What do you mean exactly by the current site is getting information from the old account? If the new site uses information from the old account, wouldn’t removing the old account break the new site? Isn’t this something that should be fixed on the new site before the old account is fully gone?

I have checked but can not delete … it is because I am no longer using your server and I am with another domain …

You checked correctly. Because, like I said, accounts cannot be deleted immediately under any circumstances. Even if you’re not hosting a website with us anymore, you must wait for the account to be deleted automatically.

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