Please bring back the email accounts…

Please bring back the email accounts…

And please don’t hijack other people’s topics to ask that.

Did you use the email accounts feature before? Did you try sending email with it?

If people overwhelmingly accept the flawed email system that was there, we may be able to bring it back. I would just like to be sure that you are asking for the feature that it actually was, instead of the feature that people hoped it would be.


Am referring to below when i try to create email after registering my free domain.

" Sorry due to spam issues email accounts are no longer supported, please consider uprading your account.

So I take it that means you haven’t used the system before?

We disabled the feature because it was utterly broken before. Trust me, we’re saving you a lot of time and agony by disabling the feature.


I have used it before although sometimes it encounters some problems but it still works.

I really you can bring it back.

I really wish you can bring it back***

Well, have you followed the instructions to make one? Also, for people who already made one, they still work.

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