Please activate my site again. I have removed some files

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(Please activate my site again. I have removed some files )

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Visiting your website, this is the error I see:

This error isn’t (so much) related to the number of files you have in your account. You can read more information about it, and what you can do to avoid it, here:

If you mean that you followed this part of the article:

Then reducing the amount of files, while a good first step, seems to not be enough, and you’ll need to try and optimize your site more.


I did not understand how to do this. Was this done because of some attacks on him?

Please help me restore the site again because I do not clearly know what the problem is

Your site is working fine now. But the entry process usage of your account still seems to be pretty high

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all-step-by-step guide to follow to fix this. Entry process usage is a combination of how your website works and the traffic patterns it gets. Yes, it could be caused by an attack, but also by how your website works, or how legitimate users interact with it. It takes a lot of knowledge about how your site works and how people interact with it to give meaningful advice, and even then we cannot guarantee anything.

The only thing I can promise you that deleting files is not the way to solve it. It’s a traffic and code issue, not a file storage issue.


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