pleas help me

I want to use softaculous to instal wordpress, but the system said can’t login because your ip address has changed!
I don’t use any vpn or … .
pleas help me
and i downloaded wordpress and upload it in my htdocs folder and i did everything that i mjst to do , such as wp-confing.php and…
but when i intered to my domian i can’t use wordpress and i see an eror then i redirected to!:S


Your IP adress has changed is a very common error of cPanel. All you have to do is log-out and log-in back and hopefully you will be able to install WordPress.

Try it, if it works and try to install WordPress by using softaculous.

It should be alot easier than doing it manually.

If you have any other questions or concerns then ask for support again.


Softaculous locks a login session to an IP address, so if your IP address changes you’re kicked out. However, if your IP address changes that often, then you’ve just got a bad internet provider. Considering how the Softaculous login system works, it would be way too unsafe to not lock the session to an IP address.