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Username = epiz_32556792
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I just purchased a Super premium hosting yearly plan. Still, it’s not showing.
Please help fast. Tomorrow is my office lunch.

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Invoice #WFWEF-926368

Your premium purchase will never show at InfinityFree because InfinityFree doesn’t provide the premium hosting. You purchased hosting from iFastNet, and you can manage your premium hosting services with them. This also means your website needs to be migrated to premium hosting, but iFastNet can do that for you for free.


How fast do they replay at iFastNet Support?

Generally within 24 hours on workdays.


Why not try that for yourself? Even if it takes a minute, an hour or a day to get a reply, it’s definitely going to be faster if you send the message now rather than ask here first how long it takes to get a reply.

In my experience, a simple request often gets replied to within 30 minutes during their office hours.


My query has been solved. You can close this.

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