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I can’t ping my website ( it just says “Timed Out”

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That’s a you issue most like likely. Your site works fine from my end. Try again in 10-15 mins.

Nonono, I mean’t when I try to
The results: Request imed out

Ah. That’s the security system kicking in. Your site will block any request that isn’t a browser.


Well can I enable requests for packet request particularly?

If you want to disabled the security system, add your site to Cloudflare. Otherwise there is no way to disable it.


The funny thing is that it’s a subdomain and Cloudflare doesn’t work on subdomains

Thats a good point. The only option you have is to use a free domain (Ie from somewhere like Freenom.


That doesn’t work either, after I check it out, it just redirects me to and I can’t search more domains.

If you already got a domain from Freenom, you can find them at, under Services > My Domains.


get .tk or .ml domain (.tk dont works on infinityfree)

It just said “Due to a technical error, your following domains weren’t registered.”

login with an freenom account and tzhen try

or ask freenom support

You can’t ping our servers, pings are blocked in the firewall.

Fortunately, websites work with HTTP, not ping (ICMP), so all is OK.

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Why are they?

Why shouldn’t they be? Blocking everything by default and only exposing what you want to expose is considered good practice. And again, you don’t need to allow pings to host a website.


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