PHPStorm FTP Issues


So it took some time, but managed to con nect a new project via FTP to my new site.

I was able to list and download the contents of htdocs.

However, when i attempt to overwrite a file it fails with the error. however i CAN add a new file

the error:

[19/12/2021 18:19] Download from QTTT
[19/12/2021 18:19] Download file ‘/htdocs/files for your website should be uploaded here!’ to ‘C:\Users\USER\Documents\Q TTT\files for your website should be uploaded here!’
[19/12/2021 18:19] Download file ‘/htdocs/index2.html’ to ‘C:\Users\USER\Documents\Q TTT\index2.html’
[19/12/2021 18:19] Download from QTTT completed in 2 s 954 ms: 2 files transferred (2 kbit/s)
[19/12/2021 18:19] Upload file ‘C:\Users\USER\Documents\Q TTT\index2.html’ to ‘/htdocs/index2.html’
[19/12/2021 18:19] Failed to transfer file ‘C:\Users\USER\Documents\Q TTT\index2.html’: cant open output connection for file “”. Reason: “553 Can’t open that file: Permission denied”.

Welcome to the forum @ValrikJay!

You can just ignore the index2.html file. Once you upload your index file, your users will not see the old one. The same thing goes for the ”upload load your files here” file. Since it is not a web file, the browser cannot display it, so you can ignore it.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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thank you. thats well n good. Although i would like to say that as of a few minutes ago my ‘site’ seems to have disappeared

Clear your cache or try another browser.


hmm, i hard reset all the time. however the fact it showing up elsewhere is near positive

also a different browser isnt a good web dev solution. cleared everything, hard reset everything and i still get the same. it was working just fine until a refresh. nothing else changed

seems to be back now lol

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It might have been you ISP cache


it was NOT a caching issue.

I see your domain was created yesterday, which may result in some issues with DNS caching. These will subside on their own in the next day or two.


all good now


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