PhpMyAmdin redirect loop even after following troubleshoot

Hello !

I created my infinityfree account a few hours ago, and I still cannot access the phpmyadmin even tho I followed the troubleshoot guide found here:

  • I cleared the cache and cookies from all the websites.
  • I tried the incognito mode.
  • I changed my password and waited for 1 hour.

and I still get the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS page when accessing the phpadmin from the cpanel area.

This guide says that I should post a message if nothing worked, for staff to reset the database permissions.

Could you please help me ?
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

if you’ve changed your password. you should wait for 15 minutes. else you can want admin to change permissions for you C:

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Thank you for your reply.

Yes I have changed my password and waited for 1 hour. It has been 4 hours now and the phpmyadmin is still stuck in a redirect loop.

Can an admin help me ?

Thank you !

If you didn’t create a database, create one first before accessing the phpMyAdmin from that database’s page. However, I’m not an admin, but a Regular in no special group.

Thank you for the suggestion.

I actually aleady have created a DB. I also tried accessing phpmyadmin from it but it is the same result: I a stuck in a redirect loop.

Is there anything else I should try ?
thank you

Then wait for the Admin here to check for the database permissions if they are broken or not. Or clear cookies and cache.

Nervermind, I just deleted the account, created an new one, and now everything is working fine.

Thank you for your suggestions :wink:

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Because of this post, that is a solution:

That means the topic can be closed, and no more off-topic discussions can go in the way.

i just wanted to hint them. but thank you

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