PhpMyAdmin unreachable

I can’t connect to a phpmyadmin … , is there a problem ?

Do you still experience this problem? phpMyAdmin seems to be working fine from here.

“The page isn’t redirecting properly” , this is the url that is trying to load -

The URL you specified does indeed give a redirection problem. However, when I try to access phpMyAdmin (whether through the MySQL Databases section or the phpMyAdmin section, I see a completely different URL. Through which section are you trying to access phpMyAdmin?

Well i login to my cPanel, then I hit the phpMyAdmin link from the “Database” section and it leads me to the next page with the name of my mysql database and link “Connect now!” This is where this url comes from. Am I doing something wrong ?

It’s just started to work now! Thank you for your help!Hope that you figure it out what was the problem! Much greets!