PHPMYADMIN page not resolving right?

The issue is that the phpmyadmin does not load correctly, some times after many refresh it opens the table list and then it hardly responds, when clicked on browse or structure…

Its been a week now, when I am not able to access the phpmyadmin even with refresh.
Refer screenshot,

Kindly assist me in this.

Do you use Wordpress or other CMS? Can you give the link of your site that is currently connected to the databases?

For my own opinion, I think the causes are either big databases interferring, cookie problems, or the PHPMYADMIN itself.

Unfortunately, your screenshot gives an error thus I can’t see the problem.

I think the @Admin & @moderators can sort it out.

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Try to clear your cache or check your internet connection, F12 may also elp you but not with solving problem, but with showing the error.


Which database are you trying to access?

Also, next time, you could please just upload the screenshots to the forum? It’s extremely annoying to have to navigate to some other, very slow website to see an image.

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Hello Admin,
Thank you for replying. I really appreciate your time.
Here is the link to the db, i am trying to access,

DB name: epiz_25485662_article

Also, the screenshot,

I tried those, it did not help.

I didn’t say it’ll solve your problem, but the error will be shown at browser console.

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I checked the phpMyAdmin for your database and everything was working fine from my end. So the phpMyAdmin installation itself seems to be working normally.

Like @anon19508339 suggested, can you please check your browser’s logs to see what the issue is? Since nobody but you seems to have this issue, we need you to provide all the details about the issue.


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