Phpmyadmin page error still persist

The database phpmyadmin doesnot open first it take 2+ minutes showing loading next ,

Remember what i said?

So can you tell us what error do you see in console?


Try to disable ADB for that page

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Nothing works except for every time i ask for help here, it start to work for a day and then again the same blank page, not sure of what is the issue, Here is another database, epiz_25485662_w115. Which is not opening too.

Hmm, it’s strange it only works occasionally. That makes it hard to debug too.

Is there anything on your end that changes between the times it works and it doesn’t? For example using a different device, browser or being connected to a different network?


Hello Admin, No, there is no change in the browser, network, system. Only thing that it opens is sometime after mentioning in the forum. Rest all stays the same.

I also, tried using dbeaver cleint to access db it is also, not working

The DBeaver error is to be expected, our database servers are not accessible directly from the internet.

Can you please check your browser’s develop tools Console and Network tabs? It looks like some styling and scripts are failing to load, and I can’t see why.

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Hello Admin, I do not know what to say, I have been trying to access the database but it is not loading at all. A clean blank page is what is i get,

Also, am not sure is this is the same reason why Elementor plugin is also not opening.

Can you please???


Hello Sorry for a delayed reply, the error,

Do you have any adblockers enabled? If so/or not what browser?

It is google chrome.

With the Network tab open, could you please refresh the page? It doesn’t record anything while the panel is not open.

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