Phpmyadmin not working

when trying to open mySQL database using phpMyAdmin, then click “Connect Now” it would open a new browser but i got an error. I also try to Clear my Cache and Cookies but nothing works.

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database error

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This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

  • [Try clearing your cookies]

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Read this…

Currently there may be some server upgrades or automated checks going on. Checkout @Admin’s post regarding currently going on service disruptions. Thank you!

“Some people experience problems when trying to access phpMyAdmin from their control panel. This usually happens after the password of the hosting account was changed.”

what would be the next step? should I change to my old password? or should I wait for how many hours?

thanks for the reply.

You need to read in detail

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There are no “current server disruptions”. There have been recently, yes. But none of them involved any database issues, and they have been resolved already.

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