Phpmyadmin installation

My website is -

I installed phpmyadmin from ‘softaculus apps installer’ in cPanel in ‘phpmyadmin’ directory of my wesite. Url to phpmyadmin page is -

My problem is that when I try to login to phpmyadmin I am not able to input correct credentials as I don’t know what is it exactly. I also tried default password of phpmyadmin which it commonly has but it didn’t worked.

I tried looking into file but didn’t find something useful.

I know that it is not needed because I can access mysql databases from cPanel but it is for experimental purpose.

Note: Posting links was not allowed for this topic so I was unable to add link to the required page. So you will have to copy and paste the url in your browser which I had provided to my website.

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For starters, you’ll probably need to change the database hostname. This is most likely hard coded to localhost in phpMyAdmin, which isn’t going to work. I believe there is either a setting to show this field on the login form, or to change the default value. You’ll want to check the MySQL Databases section in your control panel for the database hostname to use.

After that, you’ll need to use your hosting account username (which looks like epiz_12345678) and hosting account password (can be found in the client area).


Done with what you are saying. When I enter credentials according to you the page stucks at loading and nothing happens also it takes lots of time than normal. See below screenshot.

My website URL is:
http:// (please remove the space after http:// while opening url)

What I’m seeing is:
I posted a question before, then i got a reply from admin but I am not satisfied with the answer. Below is a link text to the screenshot of my previous question. Link - http://

Then I got a reply from admin as I mentioned above. Below is a link text to the screenshot. Link - http://

Then I again commented in response to the reply. I. Also attached a screenshot in that comment. See below.
Link - http://

I’m using this software:

Additional information:
Kindly read carefully, specially the information in screenshots. Then please reply on the basis of 1st and last screenshot.

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As for why phpMyAdmin doesn’t load, I don’t know. The phpMyAdmin in your control panel loads fine, and I do get a clear error message quickly when I enter the wrong credentials. Maybe there is something else in phpMyAdmin that needs to be configured, but I don’t know anything about that. If you want a phpMyAdmin that just works, please use our phpMyAdmin instead.


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