phpMyAdmin export cannot be reached

Username: epiz_27513120

Error Message

This site can’t be reached

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


Other Information

When I tried to export from phpMyAdmin for backup today, it said it cannot be reached.

Pls read…


Thanks! I will try the solutions, although I have never change my account password. And the error message is completely different.

My first guess is that the database is too big for phpMyAdmin to export at once, so it chokes on it and crashes.

Could you perhaps try to export only a subset of the tables and see if that works?

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Will try that too, thanks!

Edit: Didn’t work either. But I found if I set compression from zipped back to none, it worked. Not sure why.

Similar reason, probably. Compressing the file takes additional processing power which may have also overloaded phpMyAdmin.


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