Im login in vistaPanel and click phpMyAdmin next db name epiz_20473961_api connect and error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. But other db open and problems no. I’m remove coockie problems not resloved. And php files set this error “Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.
Filename: core/MY_Controller.php
Line Number: 21”

I just checked phpMyAdmin for the epiz_20473961_api database, but I was able to connect without any problem.

On which website are you unable to connect to the database? You say a file name, but I assume that’s relative to the root of one of your domains, right?

Yes, absolutely right. I’ve just tried the error has remained. Just tried to go to phpmyadmin remained the same error… Sometimes an error disappears for a couple of seconds and reappears. Previously, this is not observed. Either did not work at all for a while. Or it worked clearly. When it did not work, I was referred to (technical work on the server, restricting the fact that I have free hosting and so on) and did not give it a value.

P.S. (20:18)
At the current moment it is not possible to connect to other databases and the same error is output.

I checked your site and I just don’t get it.

Debug mode is enabled on your website, but it still doesn’t return the actual error message from the database connection. It just say “Unable to connect to your database server” without giving any indication whatsoever of why it cannot connect. It tells you a file and a line number, but that’s just a call to the initialization of the framework. Also, there are no log files or log entries as far as I can tell.

Your code is really doing it’s best to make it hard to diagnose issues. I’d love to help you, but I don’t know enough about your website code and the framework it’s built on to help you.