Ya intente borrar las cookies varias veces, el historial completo y no ha resultado.

Uso el boton “Connect Now” en la seccion phpmyadmin :

Y aparece el error :

La pgina te ha redirigido demasiadas veces.
Borrar las cookies.

su ayuda por favor

I already tried deleting the cookies several times, the entire history and it has not worked.

I use the “Connect Now” button in the phpmyadmin section:

And the error appears:

Page has redirected you too many times.
Delete cookies

your help please

ya intente en otro navegador y en otro pc, pero tampoco funciono.

I already tried another browser and another PC, but it did not work either.

Most times when I saw this happen, it was because of a password synchronization issue. Could you please try to change your hosting account password through the client area, then wait for 15 minutes and then try again?

Tried that too, but still the same in mine too.

id : epiz_22672583
database : epiz_22672583_isa