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I’m trying a lot execute phpMyadmim but the same result above is shown for me. I visited the forum before and found a solution for that: clear cache for cpanelDOTepizyDOTcom and But any of both solutions work. I’m not be able to proceed with my hosting because of this problem. Can anyone help me?
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Make sure you access PHPMyAdmin via the CPanel otherwise you will not be able to use it.

Yes bro, I’m trying all of that by CPanel

Try to remove the cache and cookies of your web browser for both the control panel domain ( and the phpMyAdmin domain (

I made that. And still not work

Guess you have to wait for admin…

I guess it is due to the password permission corruption, can you please change your password through clientarea → your site account → edit account, wait for few minutes then try again?


yeeah BayoDino, thanks very much! Your sugestion runned and now I’m able to manage my phpmyadmin panel. Thanks everyone that tried to help me too.

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