Phpmyadmin credentials

Error Message

Access denied for user ‘root’@‘’ (using password: YES)

Other Information

I’m installed phpmyadmin in Softaculous and I dont know which credentials I’m must use

You can use phpmyadmin from the control panel, no need to install.

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I know, but I need normal phpmyadmin

THere is an option in the control panel. Make sure to check your credentials with your client area.


InfinityFree uses a custom version of PHPMyAdmin. You can assess it by selecting “PHPMyAdmin” in the control panel, it will log you in automatically.


You need to use your account’s database credentials. They are the same as your hosting account credentials. You can find them in your client area in the MySQL Details panel.

Last time I tried, “normal” phpMyAdmin didn’t work because it assumes the database user has SHOW DATABASES privileges, which our database users do not.

If you don’t like our phpMyAdmin for some reason, you may want to give Adminer a try. I’ve used that myself successfully.

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