Phpmyadmin connection error

Hello, I have the username epiz_28228278, and I was just wondering whenever I try to connect to phpmyadmin from the Cpanel, I get the following error:

This page isn’t working right now redirected you too many times.

Any suggestion on what actions to be taken for this?
Thanks in advance.

Try this??

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I am still facing the same issue. I cannot access my PHPmyAdmin

@KangJL Tried all the methods, none of them worked, yesterday, it was working fine, and today it shows redirected you too many time, and also I never changed the password before,

What can I do to access my DB again?

It working for me! Did you try clearing the cache or accessing it from another device/browser?

How about you try this: http://[you_assigned_ip]/db_structure.php?db=[epiz_XXX_db].
Change [you_assigned_ip] with the ip in your control panel and [epiz_XXX_db] with your database name?

open it an private tab, if asked to login pls login first.

I tried all methods, clearing my browser cache, connecting to DB in incognito mode, and I did not even change my password since but I changed it anyway today, but I still can’t access phpmyadmin. Still waiting for 15 minutes to take effect though as it says on the document

There seems to be a problem with PHPMyAdmin as of now. It can take up to 24 hours to resolve.

As we already know, the Control Panel is experiencing API issues. iFastNet is working on it, so please be patient.

Was experiencing API issues. It was resolved yesterday afternoon.


Update as of today, it finally worked I am able to connect to my phpmyadmin by changing my account password from client area. I do not know how this was able to fix the issue to be honest.

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