while importing database phpmyadmin says acess denied
i did acess from my account
i was not given an option to input password and phpmyadmin is probably using something wrong
this is soooo frustrating


Please share the full error message.

Until then, see this:


If you login via the Control Panel, no username or password is needed.
If you use another phpMyAdmin or similar instance, it will not work

how do i increase max upload file size
i aded some code to htaacess but its still 10 mb that cannot load any backups

i read in forums that it is fixed permanently
how else can i migrate my site
i used all in one wp migrate since i have unsolved isues with phpmyadmin
i hope there wont be such isues with premium because its all stating to feel painfully hopless and frustrating

can i acess files uploaded via ftp to htaacess from wordpress?

You cannot change them on free hosting, your only option is to upgrade to premium

The way that both we and WordPress recomend:

I am really not sure what you mean by this, can you explain furthure?


sorry i mean files in htdocs from wordpress
i figure i could upload via ftp then import from htdocs
tank you for quick response but still stuck

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