PHPMailer stopped working without doing anything... Problem?

Hi there

i’m hosting a website on infinityfree for a year now and used PHPmailer for a contactform.
Since a couple of days, PHPmailer stopped working and i get the next error code.
Did infinityfree blocked something? Did something changed?
Tried to update , but doesn’t help.

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Error Message

2022-02-01 11:38:29 Connection: opening to, timeout=300, options=array()
2022-02-01 11:39:32 Connection failed. Error #2: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to (Connection timed out) [/home/vol14_2/ line 389]
2022-02-01 11:39:32 SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out (110)
SMTP connect() failed. Troubleshooting · PHPMailer/PHPMailer Wiki · GitHub
Mailer Error: SMTP connect() failed. Troubleshooting · PHPMailer/PHPMailer Wiki · GitHub

Other Information

I think you may need to look at your code again. If I am correct, you should connect to, not
Using SMTP through PHPMailer is certainly supported here, I use it myself.


Hi WackyBlackie

Thats weird. It have been working for a year & didn’t change anything in the script.
I tried it and now it works again.

How weird is this?

Thanks mate!

I think Microsoft just removed SMTP support on

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Yes, they indeed changed their smtp information.

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Thanks for the information Guys! It works!


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