Phpmailer not working

issue: Phpmailer not working, giving SMTP connect failed error.
it happened a few days ago and was resolved automatically, now again the same issue since yesterday.
using mailgun relay, credentials are correct, working from another host.

Have you downloaded the latest version of PHPMailer? If yes, what is the exact error?

Another post was made by admin, stating that OpenSSL or whatever has been changed, and apparently broken all PHPMailer, try using some other software


will it work with TLS, and can you suggest some other software?

No, I believe the issue is with using TLS/ssl which rely on OpenSSL, try seeing the below article;

If you have more questions about the issue, please ask them in the topic shared by @HaydenANG. Let’s keep all the questions and answers about this issue centralized, and not fragmented across multiple topics.