PHPbb website unable to run as integral files will get me suspended


My username is epiz_31419813

Error Message

So, when I was idle, my original account was suspended and I couldn’t make an appeal for it since it was already too late by the time I found out.

Because of this, I created a new website, using the backups from the original (PHPbb) website. As I was uploading the files, my account was suspended again. I asked for the reason (so I could fix it) and was told that the following files were against the rules:


I immediately deleted them, was granted the appeal and continued on to upload the backup files and database. However, the website now cannot function. I’ve contacted PHPbb and followed all the reinstallation instructions and followed the advice of the support team. Unfortunately, we hit a bump in the road, in that the deleted files have turned out to be integral to the infrastructure of the website.

I was wondering if there was any way these files could be checked or if there’s a way for me to use them for a short period of time so I could get rid of them manually? From what I understand, this can be deleted manually, but I would need the permission in order to do so.

Otherwise, I think the only way to resolve this is to move onto another host, which I don’t want to do in all honesty.

Thanks for your time.

proxy related filenames or such content is banned on free hosting.

I understand that, which is why I’d like to get rid of it manually.

Isn’t there an option to like, import the files within a new phpbb? Sorry, I dont use php forum software

I could give it a try, although my concern is how it would effect the database.

I’ll give it a shot and report back on how it goes.

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UPDATE: I can’t reinstall PHPbb without these files.

Has anyone else who uses PHPbb, been suspended due to these files being a part of the infrastructure?

The use of the word “proxy” in the file path is what is probably causing the suspension. Is there any way you can change that to something else? Alternatively, you can file different software in softaculous.

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I also think the “proxy” part in the name is what’s causing the suspension. But looking at the documentation of the code, it doesn’t have anything to do with web proxies.

It’s highly unlikely that PHPbb will work without these files, so ideally they should be whitelisted by iFastNet so these files won’t trigger suspensions.

Could you please try uploading these files again? If you get suspended, instead of submitting a ticket, please reply here so I can try to get the files whitelisted.

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