is php8 supported? or someone know when it will be available

Please follow this topic linked below:

It will be updated when support is added and there will also probably be another one in the same category detailing it as well.


Thanks, so for now php8 is not available?

Yes. You would know that if you read the article that I linked.


how can i upgrade to php8 then?

You can upgrade to Premium Hosting or switch to another hosting provider which advertises Php 8. Although, I believe there are no free hosting providers that offer Php 8 and the ability to add a custom domain and free SSL/TLS certificates.


Do you know a good provider you can recommend?

What exactly do you want to run that requires PHP 8 ?


a website for a game server with discord login

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maybe then this post/topic will interest you


oh yeah it certainly did, so I guess I’ll have to move to ifastnet instead?

The admin mentioned an alternative in the post below,
but we didn’t get feedback on whether the user succeeded in doing anything with it or whether he tried it at all.

Whether you need “to move” or not - you should decide,
because only you know what you want for your website in terms of speed and other things and how many visits per day you expect and how demanding it all is.


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