Php vol 2_8

some people say that php version has updated on some volumes even if the panel shows php 7.4, so i wanna ask what php version is vol2_8 currently on?? as higher volumes got updated to php 8.2 so i believe 2_8 shouldve been done too if order is taken into consideration

This should help:


Just to clarify, are you saying that phpinfo() will no longer work in PHP 8.2 or do you mean that if it doesn’t work then I’m currently being upgraded and it will work once the upgrade is finished?

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It doesn’t work currently. I don’t know if it will work; I hope that it does, but there’s no update on why it doesn’t work yet as far as I’m aware.


If your account is updated, can you notify me here please? I’m excitedly waiting for my account to be updated.

I couldn’t wait more tbh so i deactivated this and luckily made a new one that was on vol1_7 which has php8.2 running already

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