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Just real quick question. I see that PHP 5.6 and then 7.4 are available in the PHP version checker on my InfinityFree free hosting. Is 7.2 available for free hosting, are their plans to make it accessible or am I just outta luck?

I’m planning on using a CMS framework that requires PHP 7.2 specifically, and doesn’t like to cooperate with PHP7.4.

Not gonna whine or complain, this is actually pretty top notch for a free hosting provider and this would be my only issue.


Sadly any PHP Version that is not listed in the Control Panel is not available. I believe that the majority of Hosting Providers do not provide PHP Version 7.2.

That was my fear, TigerMANEK426.

I was hoping to migrate from AwardSpace over to here for a project (surprisingly they support and allow selection of 7.2) but sadly it looks like I am stuck with them for the time being.


Our plan always was to only offer one version of PHP 7, which is updated when a new minor version is available and is well supported by most popular CMS. We don’t offer separate minor versions of PHP 7.

PHP 7.2 is officially end of life since November 30 2020, so you could try poking the developer to update their software to work with newer PHP versions.

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Thanks for the reply, Admin.

In reality, the only reason I asked at all was when I pulled up the paid cPanel demo, it allowed 7.2 selection.

I’ll have to see if there are any other projects that would benefit from infinityfree hosting, otherwise I’ll just request removal to make room for someone else.

Which link for cPanel? Demo

ExploreWeb, the link was

Although I just came to the realization that this might be a static demo and not a “live demo”.

That is the premium hosting cPanel demo

Premium hosting offers additional PHP version. But we don’t offer the premium hosting ourselves. iFastNet provides that.


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