PHP Versions Problem

Hi. I have a problem with php versions.I parked a domain to, checked the phpinfo() output, and for oroginal subdomain it shows the version I set (7, as it’s fastest and best), when i visit my parked domain EVERYTHING s the same, expect php version! So on my domain it’s shows default version - 5.6. I checked it all in a long time lapse, so its not one minute to wait like it says in cpanel. I thought what maybe it’s just showing default version, and the actual version is actually running, but I checked deprecated Php 7x function by visiting the same site over subdomain and my domain, and on sub this function is deprecated, while on my domain it gives a warning what it is SOON about to be deprecated, so the versions are seems to be dfferent on those domains, even though they link to same site and I set both to php 7. There seems to be a problem with swtching versions, why is what and how can I fix this?

What you’re seeing is not supposed to happen, the PHP version should apply to all domain names on your account, not just the main domain.

That said, I checked your parked domain, but the PHP info also shows PHP 7.0 to me.