Php version or

Can you please leave my account to be using PHP 5.5. My site is too large for me to migrate it to older version. I also didnt notice any notification about the change.

Please assist me in time, for my users arent able to access my site.

Thank You.

(other information and details relevant to your question) https version it doesn’t work because it doesn’t have a certificate,
but the http version works (at least this initial for login/register - I don’t know what happens next)


All users are treated equally so that there is no possibility of special treatment regarding the PHP version.

Please tell us in which exact place a problem occurs (PHP error) ?

so someone can suggest you a newer version of the code (if the problem exists).


yes http version works, https was a typo…but the php has been changed to version 7, my site uses version 5.5, I still need the old one. The whole site uses version 5.5, its big job to migrate it to version 7

I repeat - it depends on whether and where do you have an error.
Give us an exact example of a PHP page that doesn’t work (eg error 500)
or which function does not work.

A description of the exact problem and a screenshot can help

First you need to make sure if there is a problem at all

after that locate the code that doesn’t work

and then find replacement

It can be easy or hard - depending on how many places something is repeated
and whether the entire functions should be reformulated, etc.


Just reply that you’re not bringing back the older versions that’s all, all my query requests are in version 5.5 with simple mysql commands that have to be changed to version 7 mysqli commands. I have many files to change.

maybe right now it all seems like a problem to you, but those old versions are insecure and slow.
New DB drivers (mySQLi) provide many more possibilities, especially regarding security,
also your website will work faster and more securely after a successful transition.

Maybe some of this will help you


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