PHP version change not working

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i have changed the php version to 5.4, but still saying php version is on 7.4.8
how do to fix this…

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Where did you change? Showing screenshot will be better

forgot to insert screenshot… on cpanel, it says 5.4, but error still persist

i have also made a php script with phpinfo();

and it says 7.4.8

Hmmm,try waiting 1 hr for the change to take effect. If it does not work you have to wait for admin then

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mine too,, I’ve changed it to 5.6 but still 7.4 is the php version

hoping, cause ive been tinkering it all night, it nothing

LOL i even had to create another account to see its just a bug… hoping this gets fixed

If this is a system issue, I’d love to try to fix this. But I can’t do so if you immediately deactivate your account.

i have already activated it, i thought this was not fixable

is there still no fix admin? TIA

No, I’m not around here 24/7.

I’m sending the details to iFastNet right now.

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