PHP Version 8.0

Will InfinityFree support PHP Version 8.0 because I went to CPanel and the latest PHP Version supported is 7.4.0.

Maybe in the future. i’m not really sure.

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If you want PHP 8.0, you can upgrade to Premium.

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No we won’t. We will only support PHP 7.4 until the end of the universe, when PHP is already on version 13784358.

That’s a joke of course. Of course we’ll support PHP 8.0 at some point. However, PHP 7.4 is still actively supported, and a lot of software doesn’t work with PHP 8.0 yet. We’ll replace PHP 7.4 with 8.0 somewhere in the future.


In addition, generally it is a good idea to wait a while until the language has been officially released because at the beginning it usually has many bugs and vulnerabilities. That may possibly be okay for a person just experimenting with it but not in a professional setting where someone could potentially exploit those bugs and vulnerabilities.

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