PHP v7.3 error

“Your PHP version must be 7.2 or higher to run CodeIgniter. Current version: 7.0.19”

I change from cpanel the version to 7.3, but it wont actualize the version to that, and keep in 7.0
If I put older versions the message reads the older number instead of 7.0.19 but it wont act to 7.3 … need that for CI4

You need to wait few minutes after you applied any changes. You can also View the Php version by creating a phpinfo file

Make a new .php file and enter this code


// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL


Check Version change through this new file.

I did the PHP version check and it looks like your website (as well as the other websites on the same IP address) still seem to be stuck on PHP 7.0, and the PHP version selector does not appear to be working either.

This definitely looks like a system issue, so I’m going to have someone look into this.

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Thx!, I will wait for the resolution!, keep the great work!

Sorry for the late response. It looks like this issue was resolved yesterday evening already (but I missed the message until just now). Your account (and all accounts on the same IP address) now have PHP 7.3 instead of 7.0.

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Thx for the great work!

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