Php v 8.2

when will php 8.2 become supported for the free hosting plan.
my website currently uses php 7.4 and i would like to create a roadmap to upgrade into 8.2 but i cant do this unless i know when will it become supported on the hosting.

We’re in the process of updating to PHP 8, but we’ve hit some road blocks. We’re sharing updates about that in this topic:

As to if or when PHP 8.2 will come, I don’t know. By now it may be more relevant to skip 8.1 and go straight to 8.2, but I don’t know how difficult that is, and it’s not my call to make.


no problem even if it is php 8.1 it is fine by me.
thanks for the reply i will continue to catch on latest updates on the mentioned topic.


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