Php timeout is enabled for 60 seconds

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archiving is prohibited on the hosting, php timeout is enabled for 60 seconds on free accounts any help ?

php timeout suppose to be set to 0

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this is free website hosting - which means it is primarily used to serve web pages,
everything else like packing and unpacking archives, etc. is limited,
and it is limited due to the fact that someone has to pay electricity bills, maintenance bills for equipment, network, employees, etc.
For these reasons and for the free model to survive at all, there are limits.

So free hosting cannot afford for example max_execution_time = 0
because that would mean an infinitely allocated CPU just for you,
but don’t forget that the server is shared by thousands of other people/websites
and if the entire CPU is allocated to you, other websites will have 0%.

And currently, some optimal measure has been found so that everyone gets a balanced part of the “cake” max_execution_time=60sec

This also helps prevent poorly written scripts from tying up the server.

Please tell us what you actually want to achieve?
and maybe someone will tell you an alternative


I see . Well i want to transfer my website to a new server

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Premium hosting is available at iFastNet Premium Hosting - InfinityFree.

Make sure the plan you pick has the limits you are ok with before you buy.


Then read this


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