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What path u need exactly??
Before hosting any file please read the TOS to avoid account ban.

I dont know i dont understand.
Settings have been updated, but there are notices.


The following requirements were not met. As a result video uploads have been disabled.

  • Unable to locate path to PHP-CLI

If you’re using a plugin or service for encoding videos you can ignore this message.

What is the video size??

Video hosting is against the terms of service. Hence all video extensions of PHP are disabled, from what I know. @Greenreader9 can clarify more onto this.


CLI stands for Command-Line Interface (something like CMD in Windows). It’s shell/terminal on Linux. Only available on VPS hosting.


Video hosting is not allowed here, and all command line access is blocked here too. So you can’t run CLI commands through PHP.

Please delete Clipbucket from your account immediately, or we’ll be forced to do it for you.


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