PhP not working (Explanation on background in discussion)

Ok… long story short. I was switching between hosters and I was transferring files from the old ftp storage. Well, I never changed the code once but everything worked fine on the old hoster. When I switched to this one, php seems not to work. If I keep the code at the top (like I normally do), it just blocks the HTML… but, I need the php code on the top for session_start(). Can I please receive some assistance on what might be causing this? Thanks.

I’m very sure PHP is working. Tens of thousands of sites are running PHP scripts without problems. I’m happy to check why your website doesn’t work, but it would help a lot if you actually included some reference as to what website and script you’re referring to.

Please check over it. The only thing I modified is just the position of the script, basically moved it from top to bottom on the login and register page. Other than that, it has been untouched since the transfer.

Also, may I pm you about that info…? We don’t exactly want people to know about the site yet.

Oh wait… it’s working. For some reason, display errors was off. May I submit a vote to have it on by default? If it’s somehow not already.

Showing errors by default is a security risk. Errors could expose critical information about your website code and it’s settings, which is why it’s disabled by default. If you get a 500 error, you can enable it, fix the problem and disable display errors again afterwards.

Eh, the website won’t be easily accessible by the public after I implement a system in php, so I’ll leave it on until I remove the system and open it to public. (I don’t want outsiders to access the site so I’m using the login system to verify a team member).