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Cannot upload file because maximum upload space is 10 mb

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Can I increase the maximum upload space? I edited the wp-config .htaccess and whatever was possible to increase the php-upload size but still 10mb. If I can’t upgrade I am going to look elsewhere. I mean I know it’s free hosting but come on 10mb I can’t even upload a proper image. How do I increase it?

Sorry, but you can’t change the upload size. Upgrade to premium if you need a larger upload size.

An alternative is to compress the image. If you want to retain the image quality, use lossless compression. Only obnoxiously large images are over 10mb. You can also host the image on an image sharing site and embed it.

Hope this provides you some insight.


A “proper image” for a website should be a lot smaller than 10 MB. On a webpage, you’ll want to have images which are compressed, optimized and scaled down so they load quickly. Having to download 20 MP, uncompressed, lossless image data to view a web page will be very slow and not a great browsing experience for everyone.

Perhaps WordPress offers tools to optimize them, which you can’t use because of the upload limit. But then please optimize your image before uploading them to reduce their file size. Your visitors will be grateful for it.


you could upload the full resolution image file to somewhere like google drive and have a scaled down smaller version on your website as a clickable image that takes the viewer to the full scale image on google drive ?

maybe this would be a workable solution ???

thanks for the awesome information.

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