PHP mail not working


I am working on a support system for one of my websites.

I am noticing that PHP’s mail() function does not work when attempting to send an email. Can this be fixed? Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forum

P.S. you can enable debugging in phpmailer (if needed)



and PATH is not valid for you either

because your form is here (that dir “/p/”)

and button send message wants to give all parameters
here (error 404)

but your sendemail.php is actually here (no extra dir “p”)

but you should definitely use a FORM from our template above that has a reCAPTCHA and does additional checking to see if everything needed is typed on all fields (less spam in your inbox)

I am using PHPMailer on this page but it just gives 502 error

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have you tried this one from this location

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Thanks, man. I have installed the InfinityFree contact form and it has solved my problem Thanks once again.


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