PHP Issue
This site/page has used all avaialble php / apache processes allowed on free hosting account. We would recommend upgrading your hosting account

Wordpress site, stock template, no pages made, woo commerce module installed, no products… basic empty site under construction.
PHP version 7.3

Error message php processes all used up after only opening admin panel and clicking a few (half a dozen) menu items.
How does this work ? What if the site had any traffic or was in use ?
Site also is incredibly slow to even load. Same error previously also on other test sites just by editing pages.

I might also add that after a few of these errors happening, php use, infinity then sends a notice, account suspended 24 hours. Basically no web access then for any users. What does one do with a site like that then ? It might be working or might not, good way to lose customers or users.

Hi. You can go through this article. It answer all of your questions.


All of this sounds like your site code is just too slow, which results in a small number of concurrent requests taking up all your processing space (because each of these requests take so long). Maybe you can try to optimize your site? That should improve both loading speed and reduce process usage.

And beyond that, checking the article shared by @Niekon is a good start.


A standard wordpress install using softaculous to install it ?
Add woocommerce and suddenly it’s using too much php ?

No, it’s not WooCommerce causing the high process usage. It’s your website traffic which is a much bigger influencing factor. A fresh installation of WordPress with no traffic won’t cause this error, with or without WooCommerce installed. But a high traffic WordPress website may cause this error, with or without WooCommerce.


Well, I do a fresh install wordpress, add woo commerce and then edit, settings, products etc. …I run out of php shortly after. So where is all this “high web traffic” then suddenly coming from ?

How can there be any when its a new account and fresh install and with no users ? I would be very interested to know …

What I do know so far is that when modules are installed to limit the php calls from wordpress eg: hearbeat monitor … then it seems to work better, so obviously wordpress itself is the problem. And when modules are installed to limit … then wordpress works, does not generate php overruns … but also works at turtle speed, any page takes forever to load then, which is about as useful as having it quit every five minutes.

Software installation takes a lot of processing power too. So does intensive configuration. For the purposes of resource limits “high traffic” doesn’t necessarily mean “many people” but more “many pages are being viewed and updated” and “lots of code is executed”. And you’re perfectly capable of doing both of those things on your own.


Quite so, I agree… which is what I was saying initially … just configuring is creating a php outage problem … so how then does one set up a wordpress web with assorted modules ? Do one page item and wait five minutes, then do another ? That would take forever. Even just importing a few products to woocommerce could easily break php and then the site is down for a time. Any customer use in browsing or several at once could also do the same. Shouldn’t php be set to at least accomodate a normal useage and setup ?

Our PHP limits do accommodate “normal usage and setup”. The vast majority of websites can be set up and used without any problems with limits ever.

Looking at your account’s history, it appears that it was suspended for both CPU limits and hits limits. So there is definitely some degree of high traffic too.


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