Sir how can i change the file upload limit i did not find the php.ini so i can change the upload limit please help!

You cannot change php.ini nor increase upload limit.


You can’t because of security purposes.
Read these:

How to upload big files / archives - Docs - InfinityFree Forum.


Upgrade to Premium hosting so you can upload bigger than 10mb


Unfortunately you cannot. No one is allowed to edit the php.ini file. The php.ini file has php settings for all the accounts on the infinityfree server (which is why you couldn’t find it) and Infinityfree cannot give people special permissions just because they ask it.

You don’t need to, you can use a file manager software like Filezilla (highly recommended) and upload your files bit by bit. It may take 20-30 depending on what you’re uploading but at the end it’s better than nothing.

Also, please be aware that Infinityfree does not allow file sharing sites to be hosted with them. Hope that helps! :grin:


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