Php.ini for allow_url_include

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

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i need the php file access to my subdomail but it is asying on allow url include

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i cant get php.ini file or multi php ini editor in cplanal

Hello there,
Sorry, you can’t edit the php.ini file


how to edit allow_url_include off to on using .htaccess file?

Sorry, you can’t
(You can edit the php.ini file in premium hosting)


by htasses file also

By whatever file it is impossible

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it is working

I am glad that it is working, And pls post that in that topic not here

This is a ridiculous idea, It would mean you can include other peoples webpages, never in a million years would i assume for it to be enabled, I’m pretty sure PHP say that allow_url_include should not be enabled in a hosting environment anyway.


allow_url_include is a really bad idea because it makes it easy to run untrusted code from the web by accident. If you are so desperate to shoot yourself in the foot with untrusted code, you can use file_get_contents to download the code and use eval to run it. But it’s still a bad idea.


Does that run php files?

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The eval function runs PHP from a string. It’s still dangerous, but not such an obvious risk as using allow_url_include, there are legitimate use cases for it.


Oh. I meant like Php is being executed in backend so the php code itself won’t output unless php code is inside string or the server doesn’t support php.


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