PHP Hosting Script

I need php hosting provider script like please help me forum users.

Infinityfree is built from scratch ( anything in domain)
The cPanel is provided by Ifastnet.

Moreover you can try WHMCS but it is a paid script


That’s not easy as pie. If you want everything to be easy and free or less costing, just wanted to say InfinityFree costs much more than 1000$ per year.


The InfinityFree client area was built from in-house and from scratch. To my knowledge, there are no comparable alternatives which are free for third party use. There are similar systems, but they are all first party only too.

WHMCS is okay, but is best suited for selling web hosting. It lacks a lot of stuff that’s necessary for free hosting.

You can start small with the financial costs. A $10 per month VPS and two domain names can get you a long way.

It’s the development time that’s the real cost factor.


Yeah, everything is more paid focus.

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