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I added the email confirmation and reset password with php mailer using composr to install it ,every thing wroks fine localy and i upload it i try it again got this error (Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version β€œ>= 8.1.0”.)
Is there any way to upgrade php version in infinityfree hosting and if any one have idea please help,and thank you :slight_smile: ### Other Information

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You can change it so that it requires the current version 7.4,
means in short to adapt your code to the environment (server)

and later, when the servers are on 8.1 or a higher version, then use the current version you have



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It’s not very convenient to use the phone to deal with composer etc…
Does it help you to use our official php mailer?

and there you don’t have to work with composer - unzip the .zip file and just upload the vendor folder, etc.


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