PHP Form in HTML

I want to have a php code on my html file for my form !

You can put PHP code in an HTML file, you need to use a PHP file to do that (Just change the file extension).

Also, please use the correct category next time. The informal category clearly states that it is not for informal requests.


How i’m gonna do

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you certainly don’t have the skills to create a PHP form. I recommend learning PHP, or just grabbing a template like what I linked below:


I want you to help me ! I have an error when i want to send a message (

this button calls this file

and that file not exist (404)


Oh, Sorry

Doens’t work ! Didn’t receive a message

now you still have to make a check so that all the fields are filled before the button sends it

learn to use browser dev tools



Everything is filled

you don’t understand me - I just pressed the button and didn’t fill in anything
and your form allowed it

but it is best for you to use the infinity-contact form
from 2. article I linked above



in order for the php code to run, it must be a php extension and not html

go one step at a time… you’ve come a long way and even the basics are not as they should be


I have another question. Why when i write my domain name, it takes me to the http page instead of the https page

if you want HTTPS always then you need to force it


Don’t know how to do it. My PHP skills are really really bad

then make a simple html like me in which you will use mailto:

where your address will be written where users can contact you

that’s much better than some form !
in which I can’t even insert pictures and is limited by the number of chars, etc.

in addition, mobile users, as well as desktop, are used to their email client
and it’s easier for them to write an email that way than to deal with your form

so in short… forget about PHP and the contact form
rather, you specify an email address that opens automatically their email client when someone taps or clicks on it

Wipe this (and insert “mailto” instead)


Someone know how to create a popup ?

I assume you mean modal

but ok, here is popup